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This plan is designed to help you to make a positive change in your life. There is a path with a lot of learning, the intention of this plan is to add positive things that will allow you to lead a healthy lifestyle. In every stage of the journey you will learn to believe in yourself, and this is the only way to discover that it is possible to make all your dreams come true, taking small steps every day.

To achieve this you will need to perform small actions that will lead you to practice discipline; it will not be an easy path but in time you will embrace as your best ally to lead you to achieve your goals, based on dedication, effort and hard work.

Your results will be reflected according to how you complete every load assigned per day and per week. It is a process in which you must complete every workout one day at a time. If you complete the plan in a 75% you will see small changes, with an 85% of the plan you will begin to believe in yourself, and with a 95% of the plan you will be sure that everything is possible to achieve.


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I consider myself a determined, constant, persevering, strategic, disciplined, and dreamy person, and over all things, I move through love. That is why I am passionate with the goals that I set for myself.

I feel passion for many things, one of them is my work, and Yes! I am a normal person like everyone, with a workday, I like to travel around the world, I love training, but the thing that I most love in this life is achieving my goals, after a long road of effort, constancy and discipline every goal achieved, makes every second lived in the process worthwhile.

From my childhood, I was always attracted to sports, and I began to practice athletics, some of my favorite activities are Sprint 60-metres dash, 100-metres hurdles, long jump, and 4 x 100 metres relay, these activities I did until I was 17 years old.

Thanks to a friend, I started running again in 2013, and I remembered how training was like, when you lose your breath, where you can share with other people, who have the same hobby and passion for this beautiful sport.


After a few months of training, I decided to search for a goal, the intention was to gain thrust and test myself to believe that it is possible to achieve my goals. At that moment I decided to register for my first Half Marathon after a long long time, Max Tott in 2014, I ran the Max Tott with a time of 1:58. In 2015 I looked for my first Marathon at Monterrico Beach on the Monterrico Beach Marathon, I finished my marathon with a time of 4:30. I started the 2016 with the illusion and the dream to be a Boston Qualifier and classifying to the Boston Marathon. I achieved my goal at Chicago on October 9 with a time of 3:04 and finally I got to be a sub 3 in the complicated course of the Boston Marathon in 2019 with a time of 2:58.

I really like to share with people and help them to believe that the impossible can become possible if they trust themselves and in their process. It's from there that this project is born “Lifestyle 4Runners”, from where I hope to help many people to achieve their goals, changing their lifestyle through sport, good nutrition and above all, enjoying every step in the process.

What are my next steps? To be a sub 2:50!



“A coach teaches what he knows, a teacher transmits what he is”


This quote describes in few words the passion that Jorge transmits for this sport


October 2019

My preparation that led me to overcome the Boston Marathon Qualifying was an extraordinary experience


December 2019

​It was my seventh marathon and with Jorge, it was my best personal record


January 2020




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